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8 cool presents for the luxurious traveler There is by no means been a better time to be a luxury traveler. And so numerous enjoyable issues to spend cash on while on the road. They say no man is a hero to his valet. Bruce Wayne has Alfred. They might be known as by different names these times (individual assistants, nannies, boyfriends) but they still have the exact same occupation of carrying out outrageous travel requests while toting luggage and choosing up dry louis vuitton väska rea cleansing whilst their companies are on the transfer. Worried about stealing/poor function ethics/history of sexual offenses? The Domestic Placement Group runs deep track record checks into anybody they hire, and have access to databases all over the world. what do you mean you do not have one? Travel cocktail bar For picky travelers who prefer to make their personal drinks whenever, anyplace, on chanel väska online the go, this luxury journey cocktail bar from 160yearold French liqueur brand Cointreau was produced particularly for burlesque artist Dita Von Teese, who is apparently Cointreau's concept of a "boundless adventurer." The vintagestyle luxury travel cocktail bar consists of a silver shaker, a cocktail spoon, cocktail glass, a bottle of Cointreau and a leatherbound notebook, all neatly packaged into a beautifully made retro hatbox. A surefire way to make sure airport luggage handlers deal with your suitcase with care: make certain it is emblazoned with 150yearold luxury logos as well as your own initials. Goyard's stamp of luxury dates back again to 1853, when the French baggage producer initial started crafting transportable trunks for the rich traveler. Famous clients include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Beckhams. Crafted out of the lightweight Chevron canvas, the brand's signature Valise Pliable suitcase can be folded to the dimension of a clutch, for anyone preparing to store whilst travelingNikon calls this "the digital camera of the long term."If a spectacular view is not photographed and uploaded instantly to Fb, did it truly exist? The Nikon one ($649.ninety five), introduced final October, is a sleek, transportable style statement that allows you to movie a film while taking a photograph at the same time. Lowlight features make for stunning evening pictures, whilst the antiglare coating on billiga beats by dre studio wireless its display allows for easy viewing outside throughout the working day. For the much more active, adventurous kind of traveler, the water-resistant, shockproof and freezeproof COOLPIX AW100 ($379.95)is the spunkier little sibling of the Nikon one. Frightened of getting lost in a terrain with no WiFi or cell reception? It also arrives equipped with a GPS and an electronic compass. Just don't bring it alongside throughout monsoon season. Solar iPad charger That billiga nike skor iPad is the quintessential journey accessory (what is the point of a beach billiga chanel väska stockholm if you cannot study your magic formula elibrary of romance novels?) is a reality of lifestyle. But without protective casing or power, it turns into an annoyingly breakable and ineffective journey liability.